Monday, January 12, 2009

Melissa Gray, catholic school teacher, and child raper/pimp

Melissa B. Gray, a former catholic school teacher, has been arrested on allegations that she traded child pornography with a Florida man and tried to arrange sexual encounters for him with two children, one of them a family member.

Gray had plans for her and Milton resident Jonathan Daniel Bervig to have sex this weekend with an 8-year-old girl. Gray met Bervig in an online chat room and shared their sick fantasies involving having sex with children. Bervig has visited Gray’s house several times, including an initial visit in which the two had sex. About a month ago Gray tried to set up a sexual liaison with Bervig, a 7-year-old family member and a female friend of the child. Gray gave Benadryl to the two children at her house, then told Bervig to come so that they could “play” with the children. Bervig drove to Gray’s house, but left because the children were still awake. He told authorities that Gray was angry that the children had not yet fallen asleep. Since those plans failed, Gray and Bervig discussed drugging the child with Percocet for the upcoming weekend.

Bervig was arrested Tuesday, and an investigator assumed Bervig’s identity online and contacted Gray. She started making plans during the instant messaging chat for Bervig to come to her house. Alabama authorities obtained a search warrant for Gray’s home on Tuesday. She initially said denied having any chats about engaging in sex with children, but fessed up after officers confronted her with chat logs.

Gray and Bervig face child pornography charges. Gray is being held in the Mobile County Metro Jail until a federal magistrate judge will decide whether to grant her pre-trial release.

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