Friday, January 9, 2009

Is Lawton Mackenzie a taxidermist in training, or a budding serial killer

On Dec 3, investigators found dozens of animal carcasses in the home of Lawton Mackenzie. He denies killing the animals, and claims that he collected the carcasses of already dead animals that died of either natural causes, or were killed by hunters or vehicles. Some of what investigators found include the remains of a decapitated dog, also with its front paws cut off, dead snakes, a dead turtle, dead puppies, dead owls, goats, sheep, a fox and what appeared to be the head of a puppy in a plastic storage bag. They also found a goat's head on a homemade grill apparently used to cook the animals. Investigators say they will never be able to get an accurate count of how many dead animals there are, because of how many unmatchable, dismembered parts they found on the property.

This is what he has to say for himself. "All of the animals … being left on the side of the road or left in the middle of the road, why don’t we do something with that? It could be used as a learning tool The animals are dead. People don't have any regards for the animals. Let it be a human being and you keep rolling over it" He doesn't see what he's doing as anything different than a farmer or a hunter, and when he is done turning the animals into jewelry, or decorations for his home, he burns whatever is left over. He said he also understands why people would think his behavior odd, as many people " don't even know where their eggs come from, They think it's cloned eggs. Where does your chicken come from? Where does your beef come from?"

They didn't only find dead animals though, investigators removed 26 living animals from the house, including a dying goat. The goat was rushed to a local veterinarian's office and is doing well. Mackenzie says he raises goats, turkeys and chickens and slaughters them himself for food. He is also in the dog breeding business. I'm a little confused, because the man said he didn't kill the animals, because he's an animal lover, but he kills his own food. So, he killed some of them, but not all of them, or he only mutilates the ones he finds, and not his pets/dinner? I think I might keep tabs on this one and see where the investigation goes.

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