Friday, January 16, 2009

Prayer saved 70-yr old woman from Zach Potts

"Does this darkness have a name? this cruelty, this hatred, how did it find us? did it steal into our lives?" An, excerpt from his myspace. Yes, this darkness has a name and it goes by Zach Potts.

At about 3 am on New Years morning, Zach Potts broke into his elderly neighbors home, by entering through an unlocked door. The victim was home alone at the time, and there's a good chance that Potts knew that. Potts entered her bedroom, where he began choking her, touching her under her clothing and pulled down her pants. When the victim began to pray out loud, he halted his attack and ran out the front door. He told police that when the woman started to pray, "he felt bad".
Police interviewed people in the area and were able to locate Potts, who knew his victim. He was arrested Wednesday and booked into the Salt Lake County jail and charged with aggravated burglary and aggravated sexual assault.

After abusing family members for years, Zion Dutro wanted to adopt

Neighbors thought Zion Dutro and his wife, Glenda were "very nice, they were good people" Sure, some of them knew he was an RSO, but believed he had turned his life around with church. " It does happen. People do change their lives." claimed one neighbor who wished to remain anonymous. Others said the Dutros were friendly but kept mostly to themselves, except around holidays when they came door-to-door with cookies and invitations for neighbors and their children to attend parties at their church.

They often did missionary work in other countries, including Mexico. Zion and Glenda Dutro member's of a group formed by their church, called Forgiven. The group's objective is described as "restoring Lives and relationships by helping people develop a lifestyle of Biblical forgiveness," and include goals like "eliminating self-condemnation," "sincerely asking others for forgiveness" and "restoring broken relationships." IMO, these two should never stop condemning themselves, or restore any of their broken relationships. And, they do not deserve to be forgiven.

Some of the alleged victims are the children of the suspects' family members. They were taken away from their parents because of abuse. And they were sent to live with Dutro. The system seriously failed these kids. In 95, Zutro was arrested and put in jail for sexual abuse. The victim was one of the women that came forward to file the complaint. After he did his time, and got out of jail the abuse continued. According to Antioch police Sgt. Diane Aguinaga, "They kept a tight (control) over these kids. They were all home-schooled. There was a lot of brainwashing."

In fact, when new allegations came to light in 2003, the children were told that "police were a test from Satan" and were to be ignored, so the police were unable to get anywhere in the investigation.

When family members learned the couple was planning on adopting children from Mexico, they came forward. There were six female victims, now in their twenties, and one male, in his forties. However, the statute of limitations on his abuse has lapsed. The most recent case occurred about three to five years ago, when one of the victims was 21 years old, Aguinaga said. Some of the victims had been abused as young as 18 months.

The Contra Costa District Attorney's Office filed 21 counts against Zion Dutro, who is being held on more than $8 million bail.

Glenda Dutro was charged with two counts of felony cruelty to children and two counts of lewd and lascivious acts on minors and is being held on $2 million bail.

"She is an accessory," Aguinaga said. "The mother is being charged because she knew about this all along and did nothing to protect the children."

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christinia Rubin didn't like it when her dad yelled at her

Why is it that people who should be studied by psychologists, often end up studying psychology themselves? Christina Rubin had graduated with a bachelor's degree in psychology and sociology from Pennsylvania State University last spring. But, it apparently aggravated her, and her boyfriend, when her father yelled at her.

Christina's boyfriend, Jeffrey W. Leinheiser heard Christinia's father, Marc Rubin yell at her sometime around Nov. 17 and said, "That's not right. I wish I could kill him." Christinia thought that was a good idea, and they plotted for the killing to take place the day after thanksgiving.

The slaying was quick and easy - a single gunshot to the back of Marc Rubin's head with Christina's .357 magnum revolver. He never knew it was coming, they shot him in his sleep. The couple then fled and stayed in hotels for a week, having no immediate plan to dispose of the body.They returned Dec. 5 after purchasing a chainsaw and planned to chop up the body and dispose of it in trash bags. The dismemberment attempt failed when Marc Rubin's shorts got caught in the chainsaw. Realizing that this was a two man job, Leinheiser asked his friend, Daniel Dougherty to help get rid of the body. After wrapping it in trash bags and an area rug, the crew dragged the body down nine flights of steps, put it in Christina Rubin's car, and dumped it in Hamilton Township. A deer hunter found the body of Marc Rubin on Dec. 8 in a wooded area in Hamilton Township, N.J. The body had been covered in trash bags, rolled up in a beige carpet and duct-taped. Inside the home, police found a chainsaw, blood covered latex gloves, and blood on the living room walls and floor.

Rubin and Leinheiser were charged with first-degree murder and other offenses on Sunday and ordered held without bail. Dougherty was charged with tampering with evidence and abuse of a corpse, and was being held yesterday in lieu of $25,000 bail.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Raymond Jackson isn't quite Prince Charming

Raymond Jackson is apparently quite the ladies man. When he met a 49 year old divorcee, in September, she was no match for this charming con man.The woman apparently fell hard for Jackson's charms and accepted his marriage proposal only 2 months after they met. The woman took Jackson into her home when he told her he was without a job and penniless but on the lookout for job. The woman would drive him to what she thought were job interviews, but there were no actual interviews. Nobody knows what he was doing in those office buildings.

He told the woman he had a big interview in South Dakota two days before Christmas. Jackson asked his fiancee for her credit card to pay for his flight. She gave it to him and then came home after taking him to the airport to find a lot of things missing including an electronic toothbrush, a pearl necklace, a laptop and her cell phone.

She called her phone and had a voicemail from a Hawaiian florist saying her flowers were arriving at her hotel room in Maui. The flowers were charged to her credit card, and were for another woman.He also stole the engagement ring he didn't even pay for to give to this woman he met up with in Hawaii. Jackson racked up thousands of dollars in charges to the victim's credit card paying for his affair in Hawaii. He reportedly married the other woman, who is presumed to be from Russia. Finally, the victim figured out what was happening and called Wisconsin authorities.

Jackson was charged with two felonies for theft and fraud. She wishes not to be identified because she fears for her safety. Jackson was convicted of domestic assault on his ex-wife in California some time ago. He also has convictions for theft and swindle in Tennessee and Missouri.

Asia Jordan is a terrible role model

As parents, many of us want to instill values in our young children. We want them to learn the value of hard work, and earning what you get, honesty, and being there for the people who are important to you, are just a few. Asia Jordan didn't think those things were important to teach her daughter. Instead, she took her two year old daughter with her on a shoplifting spree at the local Target. She even tried to use her daughter to conceal the merchandise, stuffing over three hundred dollars worth of stuff into the stroller.
When store security caught on to what she was doing and approached her, she took off running. Leaving her daughter behind. That's a great mom for ya.
She was caught, and is being charged with theft and child endangering.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Graham Road National City Bank doesn't have the brightest employees

If I worked in a bank, I'd probably be on the look out for suspicious people. I think most of us would. In my opinion, a man wearing a ski mask would probably fit the description of a suspicious person. Especially, if he was told to remove his mask, but didn't. Not many people wear their ski masks to conduct bank business, or they take it off at the door. The man in question was asked to remove his mask, but didn't. I guess it really was just a suggestion, because they didn't do anything, and a masked man continued to wait until it was his turn to rob the bank.
Feliks Goldshtein entered the Graham Road National City Bank and waited patiently in line, wearing his mask. He was asked to remove the mask, but neither replied nor complied. Just stood waiting silently until he was next in line. When it was his turn, he walked up to the unsuspecting teller, and simply said "give it to me". I guess she didn't realize she was being robbed, because he then showed her the (toy) handgun he had in his coat and demanded she give him all the money. So, she forked over the cash and he took off. If anybody in the bank had had a lick of sense, they would have notified police before Goldshtein had a chance to get to the teller. A silent alarm, or a quiet cell phone call would have done the trick. Come on people, a little situational awareness. It won't kill you, and might save your life one day.

After fleeing the bank, he led the police in a short chase, and was apprehended when he drove into somebody's yard. In the car they found the money and the ski mask. Police also found a toy handgun in the snow where police suspect it had been thrown out the window during the chase.

Arnold Adams, RSO, does it again, this time gets beat by victim

On January 4, the victim (who will not be identified for obvious reasons) had called Arnold Adams,and asked him for a ride. Apparently, Adams and his victim are related, because Incest is among the charges. Adams drove the victim to a pasture. Once arriving at the pasture, Adams grabbed the victim as she attempted to exit the vehicle, and forced her back into the vehicle. The victim tried to run, but she was tackled from behind by Adams. The victim began fighting Adams by grabbing him, scratching him and resisting him. She put up a pretty good fight, according to his mug shot, but unfortunately it wasn't enough of a fight to stop him. Adams raped her and beat her repeatedly throughout the course of the attack leaving notable abrasions and lacerations.

After the battery, the victim re-entered the vehicle asking Adams to leave and take her home. While driving Adams refused to stop and the victim fearing for her safety, jumped out the passenger side window.

The victim reported the incident to the Sheriff’s Office and alerts were placed for Adams and his vehicle (Green Mini Van). A deputy spotted the vehicle at the Citgo located at 3939 Highway 301 North and Adams was arrested without incident.

This isn't the first time Adams has been in trouble with the law. In 1991, Adams was arrested for indecent assault on a child under the age of 16. He was sentenced in 1994 to 15 years in prison. He was released in August. He also, apparently has been bouncing in and out of prison, since the eighties. I think it's time we lock him up and throw away the key. He's obviously never going to change. Below, you can see his prison history, according to the Florida Corrections Offender Network

rior Prison History: (Note: Data reflected covers periods of incarceration with the Florida Dept.of Corrections since January of 1983)
Offense DateOffenseSentence DateCountyCase No.Prison Sentence Length
1Y 0M 0D
03/01/1991L/L, INDEC.ASLT CHILD U/1605/04/1994HILLSBOROUGH911248115Y 0M 0D
03/01/1991L/L, INDEC.ASLT CHILD U/1605/04/1994HILLSBOROUGH911248115Y 0M 0D
03/01/1991L/L, INDEC.ASLT CHILD U/1605/04/1994HILLSBOROUGH911248115Y 0M 0D
03/01/1991L/L, INDEC.ASLT CHILD U/1605/04/1994HILLSBOROUGH911248115Y 0M 0D

Incarceration History:
Date In-CustodyDate Out-of-Custody

Melissa Gray, catholic school teacher, and child raper/pimp

Melissa B. Gray, a former catholic school teacher, has been arrested on allegations that she traded child pornography with a Florida man and tried to arrange sexual encounters for him with two children, one of them a family member.

Gray had plans for her and Milton resident Jonathan Daniel Bervig to have sex this weekend with an 8-year-old girl. Gray met Bervig in an online chat room and shared their sick fantasies involving having sex with children. Bervig has visited Gray’s house several times, including an initial visit in which the two had sex. About a month ago Gray tried to set up a sexual liaison with Bervig, a 7-year-old family member and a female friend of the child. Gray gave Benadryl to the two children at her house, then told Bervig to come so that they could “play” with the children. Bervig drove to Gray’s house, but left because the children were still awake. He told authorities that Gray was angry that the children had not yet fallen asleep. Since those plans failed, Gray and Bervig discussed drugging the child with Percocet for the upcoming weekend.

Bervig was arrested Tuesday, and an investigator assumed Bervig’s identity online and contacted Gray. She started making plans during the instant messaging chat for Bervig to come to her house. Alabama authorities obtained a search warrant for Gray’s home on Tuesday. She initially said denied having any chats about engaging in sex with children, but fessed up after officers confronted her with chat logs.

Gray and Bervig face child pornography charges. Gray is being held in the Mobile County Metro Jail until a federal magistrate judge will decide whether to grant her pre-trial release.