Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Raymond Jackson isn't quite Prince Charming

Raymond Jackson is apparently quite the ladies man. When he met a 49 year old divorcee, in September, she was no match for this charming con man.The woman apparently fell hard for Jackson's charms and accepted his marriage proposal only 2 months after they met. The woman took Jackson into her home when he told her he was without a job and penniless but on the lookout for job. The woman would drive him to what she thought were job interviews, but there were no actual interviews. Nobody knows what he was doing in those office buildings.

He told the woman he had a big interview in South Dakota two days before Christmas. Jackson asked his fiancee for her credit card to pay for his flight. She gave it to him and then came home after taking him to the airport to find a lot of things missing including an electronic toothbrush, a pearl necklace, a laptop and her cell phone.

She called her phone and had a voicemail from a Hawaiian florist saying her flowers were arriving at her hotel room in Maui. The flowers were charged to her credit card, and were for another woman.He also stole the engagement ring he didn't even pay for to give to this woman he met up with in Hawaii. Jackson racked up thousands of dollars in charges to the victim's credit card paying for his affair in Hawaii. He reportedly married the other woman, who is presumed to be from Russia. Finally, the victim figured out what was happening and called Wisconsin authorities.

Jackson was charged with two felonies for theft and fraud. She wishes not to be identified because she fears for her safety. Jackson was convicted of domestic assault on his ex-wife in California some time ago. He also has convictions for theft and swindle in Tennessee and Missouri.

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