Monday, January 12, 2009

Graham Road National City Bank doesn't have the brightest employees

If I worked in a bank, I'd probably be on the look out for suspicious people. I think most of us would. In my opinion, a man wearing a ski mask would probably fit the description of a suspicious person. Especially, if he was told to remove his mask, but didn't. Not many people wear their ski masks to conduct bank business, or they take it off at the door. The man in question was asked to remove his mask, but didn't. I guess it really was just a suggestion, because they didn't do anything, and a masked man continued to wait until it was his turn to rob the bank.
Feliks Goldshtein entered the Graham Road National City Bank and waited patiently in line, wearing his mask. He was asked to remove the mask, but neither replied nor complied. Just stood waiting silently until he was next in line. When it was his turn, he walked up to the unsuspecting teller, and simply said "give it to me". I guess she didn't realize she was being robbed, because he then showed her the (toy) handgun he had in his coat and demanded she give him all the money. So, she forked over the cash and he took off. If anybody in the bank had had a lick of sense, they would have notified police before Goldshtein had a chance to get to the teller. A silent alarm, or a quiet cell phone call would have done the trick. Come on people, a little situational awareness. It won't kill you, and might save your life one day.

After fleeing the bank, he led the police in a short chase, and was apprehended when he drove into somebody's yard. In the car they found the money and the ski mask. Police also found a toy handgun in the snow where police suspect it had been thrown out the window during the chase.

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