Friday, January 9, 2009

Gary Gomez killed, then dressed up Robyn Mendez

Gary Gomez has a not to nice little history of hurting people, and Robyn Mendes should have had better taste in men. If she had, she may still be alive. Gomez has already been convicted twice, once in '05, and again in '06, for trying to kill Robyn. But she "still had feelings for him" according to a friend. In '05 he was charged with assault and battery on Ms. Mendes with a dangerous weapon, when he grabbed her by the throat, threw her down, then held a knife to her throat and told her, ‘You’re never going to leave me.”

"You're never going to leave me". I guess he was right. She did try to leave once in '06, and in return, the bastard tried to run over both Robyn, and her ex husband, Victor Mendes. He then got out of the car, and dragged Robyn into the woods. When police arrived on the scene, Gomes had his hands around her neck, but luckily, Robyn lived to tell the tale, that time.

Her luck didn't last long, while Gary was in jail, he and Robyn exchanged letters, and they apparently renewed their relationship. I don't want to speak ill of the dead, but I personally just can't understand why she would press to keep this relationship going. He had threatened to kill her, and tried to kill her. She had an ex husband who took her in, time after time, but she would sneak out of the safety of that house, to spend time with an abusive man.

Police believe, that Gary kept true to his promises to kill her on either Friday or Saturday of last week. He stabbed her multiple times, and also killed his own mother. He then dressed up the body of his girlfriend, and put make up on her face. He then scrawled a message in blood on the wall saying " I (heart) you". But he didn't stop there. He apparently tried to blow up the apartment by leaving the stove’s pilot light on as well as a nearby space heater. Neighbors noticed the strong smell of gas, and alerted authorities. The bodies were then discovered.

Gomes was arrested Tuesday night at Mendes’ Philip Street condo where he had barricaded himself in a room with Mendes’ 12-year-old daughter. Luckily the daughter was not physically harmed.

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